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Why Retinol And Eyebrow Waxing Is Not A Good Idea

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Why Retinol And Eyebrow Waxing Is Not A Good Idea

Can you count the number of eyebrow waxing you’ve had in your life? Even if you’ve changed up your salon or your brow artist after searching for the best eyebrow waxing near me, you’ve likely never been asked about your skincare routine. If you’re like many out there, you’ve heard about Retinol. And, like most, immediately jumped on the bandwagon after learning about its unmatched anti-aging abilities. However, if you like to wax, you may need to reconsider, and here’s why.

The Wonders of Retinol

Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A. It’s become one of the most famous ingredients in anti-aging products both high-end and drugstore. Skincare developers choose Retinol for several reasons, including its ability to reduce fine lines and even-out skin tone. When using it for an extended period of time, the skin becomes less sensitive and looks more supple and hydrated. In addition, it typically results in:

  • Smaller pores cleared of all the gunk
  • Reduction of frustrating breakouts
  • Firmer skin that’s more resistant to sagging and wrinkling
  • Smoother skin texture

Retinol’s Dark Side

While the majority of results are positive, using more Retinol than recommended could lead to the development of dermatitis. This is a direct result of the skin’s increased cell production, which sluffs off dead skin to leave room for new, fresh skin cells. These new skin cells are sensitive, becoming irritated very easily when exposed to irritants. It’s during this time that skin is most susceptible to damage – which is why you should reconsider any treatment that involves tugging, pulling or exposure to free radicals. To decrease Retinol related issues, users should avoid:

  • Vitamin C
  • AHA or BHA acids
  • Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Direct exposure to sunlight
  • Exfoliants
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Eyebrow Waxing And Retinol: Why Don’t They Mix?

In order to work its magic, Retinol promotes the shedding of the skin. From an anti-aging perspective, that’s exactly what you want, as the skin regenerates faster and reveals new, plump, fresh skin. So, what’s waxing got to do with it? The thing is, new skin tends to be more sensitive, especially to sunlight and free radicals.

Waxing works wonders for hair removal but can remove skin cells with each rip. If new skin is ripped away during the waxing process, it can result in scarring or cause premature aging due to the absence of a  protective layer.

Preventing Skin Damage from Waxing

The last thing we want is for you to read this and think you have to stop Retinol use forever if you want to keep waxing. Because it’s had such an impact in the anti-aging realm, we’re totally for it, especially if recommended by your dermatologist. You can have the best of both worlds, able to enjoy the smooth, new & improved skin that Retinol reveals and the perfectly shaped brow as a result of waxing with a pro – and here’s how.

Reduce Your Retinol

There is a way to reap the benefits of Retinol and waxing without anything drastic. All you’ll have to do is reduce or stop the use of Retinol about 2 to 3 weeks before your eyebrow appointment. Easing off the Retinol will give skin a chance to build more layers that won’t get damaged when strips are pulled off. Skin will be less sensitive by the time your waxing appointment comes, allowing your artist to get to work without the risk.

Consider Gentler Alternatives

While we do love a good wax, it’s not the only eyebrow maintenance treatment out there. Other eyebrow-shaping services exist and are even much gentler than waxing. We’re talking about eyebrow threading, where artists use a strand of cotton thread to shape the brows. Threading requires less tugging and pulling and gives brow artists more precision when shaping brows.

When In Doubt, Chat with Your Artist

Last but not least, you should chat with your brow artist. If you don’t already know where we are, search for brow waxing and set up a consultation with one of our brow artists. During your appointment, let artists know about your Retinol use, including how long you’ve used it and if you’ve reduced use before your appointment. You can also chat with your artists about any other concerns and discuss your brow goals so they can help you achieve them.  

What To Do Before an Eyebrow Wax

After searching eyebrow waxing near me, you’ve likely stumbled upon artists of interest. However, before your appointment with a pro brow artist, there are two things you should do.

Go Makeup-Free

If you’re not one to go makeup-free, it’s about time you tried it. It’s freeing and empowering, allowing your skin to breathe. When it comes to an eyebrow appointment, walking in without a stitch of makeup means that your artist can really take a look at brows and discuss the best options to give them the perfect shape. If you skip the eyebrows, might as well skip all the other makeup – waiting until brows are on-fleek before creating your signature look.

Inform Your Artist

Whether it’s a new artist or one that you’ve been going to for years, you should give them the scoop on a few of your habits. Specifically, give them a heads up if:

  • You’re using Retinol (see above!)
  • You’re using glycolic acids
  • You have sensitive skin
  • You’ve had Botox or injectables

Retinol is one of the hottest anti-aging products on the market – and rightfully so! We are all for Retinol, though we think it’s important for current and future clients to understand how Retinol works and key things to avoid when using it. Keeping skin looking its best and brightest requires a good look at one’s skincare and maintenance routine, avoiding any interactions that could possibly damage the skin.

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