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The Brow Fixx


You can book an appointment online by clicking here, or visit our contact us page. 

We highly suggest scheduling your appointment at least two weeks ahead of time, as our slots fill up rapidly due to high demand at The Brow Fixx. We value your time and want to ensure we can accommodate you on your preferred date.

You can cancel or reschedule an appointment 24 hours in advance. There are 3 ways you can cancel and reschedule an appointment.

1) Click on the confirmation link you receive in your text or email, once you click on the link you can cancel or reschedule your appointment.

2) Email support@thebrowfixx.com
3) Call one of our locations.

If clients present a specific brow shape they desire, The Brow Fixx will work diligently to craft those standout arches. It’s important to note that every face and brow is distinct, so results may vary slightly. After the shaping process, our team will offer guidance on product application to achieve the ideal finish.

Waxing reactions can sometimes occur, especially on sensitive facial areas. It’s crucial to inform The Brow Fixx if you’re using medications like Accutane, Retinol, antibiotics, or peeling creams. Should you experience a reaction post-waxing, please reach out to us immediately for guidance on recovery measures.

Rest assured, when you visit The Brow Fixx, our team is here to guide you every step of the way. We are passionate about helping our clients both feel and look their best. We’re committed to ensuring your experience with us is exceptional and as comfortable as possible.

Henna tinting offers a durability that’s over twice as long as traditional brow tinting. While regular brow tint clings only to the hair, brow henna bonds with both the skin and hair, effectively filling in sparse regions for a fuller appearance.

The keratin lash lift treatment instantly gives your lashes, lift, separation, and extra definition without the use of extensions or any harmful chemicals.

Our products are:

Cruelty Free
Paraben Free
Formaldehyde Free
Ammonia Free

A lash lift, when properly cared for, usually maintains its curl and enhancement for 6-8 weeks, depending on individual lash growth cycles and aftercare. Regular touch-ups can help maintain the desired look.

The Brow Fixx’s Keratin Brow Lamination not only tames unruly brows but also amplifies each hair strand, enhancing thickness and definition for a more sculpted and voluminous brow appearance.

A brow lamination, with proper aftercare, typically retains its structured and lifted appearance for 4-6 weeks, influenced by individual brow hair growth patterns and maintenance. Periodic sessions are recommended to keep brows consistently polished.

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