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Achieve the Perfect Look with Eyebrow Waxing & Tweezing

Achieve the Perfect Look with Eyebrow Waxing & Tweezing

Are you interested in stepping your brow game up but maintaining a natural look? If so, you’re in the right place! Eyebrow waxing and tweezing are oldies but goodies. These OG brow services have been around for many years and for great reason.

Waxing and tweezing your eyebrows is the ideal way to shape and clean up your brows without a dramatic look. It’s great for men and women! You can achieve flawless brows that bring out your other facial features and we’re going to tell you all about it.

But, what is the perfect brow look?

Our eyebrows are one of the most important physical features we have. I mean, they are always on display! Not only that but your eyebrows play several important roles from accentuating your eyes to bringing out other facial features. So, having the perfect look is a big deal. Not to mention, awesome brows mean you don’t have to always rely on makeup to look and feel good.

The perfect brow look varies depending on your face shape and, of course, your personal preferences. Waxing and tweezing your brows can allow you to clean up your look and achieve your ideal shape. The ideal brow shape is the opposite of your face shape.

Eyebrow Waxing & Tweezing Process

During an eyebrow waxing service, you and your brow expert will talk about the brow look you’re going for. Not sure? That’s where the professional comes in! They’ll give you the full scoop on what shape and arch will work best for you.

Then, a warm wax is placed over unwanted hairs and pulled away to remove stray hairs at the follicle. This process is very quick so any discomfort lasts only a couple of seconds.

After your eyebrows are waxed, tweezing cleans up the look. Unlike the old days of overplucking for thin brows, tweezing is now meant for removing stray hairs that are outside of the brow line and giving a precise shape. In fact, thick brows are the latest trend! If you prefer thinner brows, just let your brow artist know!

Our eyebrow waxing and shaping service at The Brow Fixx is completed with witch hazel, which we use to cleanse the skin. Finally, we apply Aloe Vera to close the pores and calm any possible irritation.

Pros and Cons of Eyebrow Waxing & Tweezing

As with any brow service, there are pros and cons to eyebrow waxing & tweezing. But, the pros far outweigh the cons!


  • It gives you precisely shaped brows that bring out your facial features.
  • The results are immediate.
  • You can maintain a natural look with waxing and tweezing. Ask about other services if you want to darken your brows, too!
  • It’s one of the best ways to address thick, unruly brows.
  • Many hairs are removed at once making it a quick process. You’re in and out in about 20 minutes.
  • It’s long-lasting because hair is pulled from the root. You’ll start to see new hair grow in after a few weeks, depending on your hair growth cycle.
  • It’s great for most people. If you want brows that look natural but groomed and you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, waxing and tweezing is for you!
  • Consistent brow waxing can lead to your hairs growing back in softer and into your desired shape and direction.
  • There’s no prep needed. Come in with no makeup, sit back, and relax while your brow professional gets to work.
  • You don’t have to maintain your brows after your appointment, but you can spruce them with brow makeup if you’d like.


  • Redness may occur, so don’t get your brows waxed right before a special occasion. Apply Aloe Vera to relieve irritation.
  • You may experience discomfort when the wax is pulled, but it lasts for only a moment.
  • Waxing & tweezing isn’t best for those with very sparse brows or sensitive skin. If you have thin brows or sensitive skin, talk to a brow professional about a service that’s best for you!

Eyebrow Waxing & Tweezing Upkeep

One of the best things about waxing and tweezing is that there really isn’t much to keep up with. To ensure your brows continue looking awesome, here’s what you can do!

  • Avoid touching your brows. Your pores open up when your eyebrows are waxed so try to keep your hands away to prevent dirt and oil from entering the pores.
  • Apply Aloe Vera. As we mentioned, your brows may be red for a few hours after waxing and tweezing. This is totally normal and applying Aloe Vera can provide relief.
  • Keep your shape. If you decide to pluck stray hairs or apply brow makeup, try not to mess up the brow shape you and your brow expert decided was best for your facial features.
  • When your brows start to grow back in several weeks, make your next appointment.

Can I wax and tweeze at home?

While you may see many tips and tricks on the internet for waxing and tweezing your brows at home, we highly recommend leaving it up to a professional! A brow expert knows the ins and outs of the best brow shape for a customer. It’s also easy to mess up the process and, as a result, end up with wonky brows. 

The number one thing people do when they tweeze their own brows is overplucking. So, even if you happen to do an incredible job waxing your brows, you can mess the entire look up when you get to the brow tweezing step. 

Avoid any potential mess-ups and invest in yourself by booking an appointment with an expert for Eyebrow Waxing. You deserve it!

In Conclusion

Don’t ignore how important your brow look is! If you want precise brows while maintaining a natural look, eyebrow waxing and tweezing can get the job done. Best of all, it’s quick and easy. For a flawless look, leave it up to a professional and book your next appointment at The Brow Fixx!

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