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Secrets Revealed for Brow Upkeep!

Secrets Revealed for Brow Upkeep!

Who’s ready to learn how to care for your brows at home?  Maybe you are looking into or have already gotten a brow wax and tint, or maybe threading.  Whatever, it may be you are now (or are getting ready to be) looking and feeling extra good!  After leaving the salon feeling brand new with your perfect brows, you may want to just sit back and look pretty.  While you can do just that, it is also important to maintain your brows between appointments to keep them looking great.  Keep reading to get the lowdown about products and techniques you can use to keep your brows looking great.

Products for Brow Upkeep

There are quite a few options out there when it comes to eyebrow products such as conditioners, pencils, serums, and gels.  At Brows by Naomi, you can find several considerable brow products to help keep your brows looking fabulous until your next appointment!  Keep reading to find out more about each of these products.

Brow Brush

Use the brow brush for definition!  You can implement the brow brush into your daily routine to help shape and fill your brows. It will also help you achieve the perfect arch.  The best kind of brow brush is a dual-sided brush to control and tint your brows with an impeccable finish. Remember to wipe excess product off of your brush after use and clean it regularly.

Brow Pencil

Use the Brow Pencil for shape!  This tool can be used to quickly and easily fill in sparse brows with a natural but defined finish.  The magic brow pencil is a great option to use after a tint begins to fade and before it is time for your next tinting appointment.  The fine, sharp pencil allows you to precisely get the perfect shape. The best part is that the brow magic pencil is simple enough for anyone to use!

Brow Powder

Use the Brow Powder for shape and enhancement!  You can keep up with fuller looking brows and a perfectly defined arch with this mineral brow powder.  Any level of brow knowledge and all the hair colors alike can use this product. There are several shades to choose from to ensure you get just the right one for you!  

Brow Gel

Use the Brow Gel to keep your eyebrows in place.  Anyone can use this product to help enhance their brows and it is especially good for those with full brows.  For those who have gotten a brow wax, tint, threading, or whatever, this product can also enhance that look. Use this water resistant brow gel before you start your day and it will keep your hair in place (kind of like a hairspray) and provide a soft, natural shine.  What’s nice about the brow gel is that it’s a good option for all types of eyebrows!

Brow Highlighter

Use the Brow Highlighter to enrich the entire eye area and conceal stray hairs!  Just like the name, this product will give you eyes that POP! Who doesn’t want that?  Apply this under your arches for a matte finish. The Brow Pop Highlighter can be used as a base for highlighter, concealer, and eye shadow. 

Brow Soap 

Use the brow soap to tame and give fullness to your brows!  Using an eyebrow soap will help you achieve precisely shaped and full brows.

And voila!  Using a few simple products can truly help your brows stay looking their absolute best.   While you can find all sorts of products just about anywhere and everywhere, all of these products are sold by Brows by Naomi.  It may cost to look good but it doesn’t cost much and looking good is worth it! Believe it or not, each and every one of the mentioned products are under $30.

Wait!  There’s So Many Options!

That’s the good news!  There aren’t just 1 or 2 products out there that only some can use.  There are enough choices which means that everyone has the opportunity to find the perfect one for them.  Sometimes making decisions is difficult, so don’t let this one be. Ask your brow professional if you aren’t sure which product you should go with for your particular face, brows, or goal look.  Also, don’t hesitate to ask how to use a specific product. Again, most of the products mentioned are simple for anyone to use rather you are a brow newbie or you’ve been in the game for years.

When Should I Revisit my Brow Pro?

Depending on your method of choice for bomb brows, the amount of time between appointments varies depending on the individual person and which service you are using for your brows.  With that said, most services are done every 4-6 weeks. Your brow specialist will let you know when you should make your next appointment. 

Other Tips and Tricks for Brow Maintenance

Now that you’ve gotten the low down on specific products, there are a few other hacks for you!  An important upkeep reminder is that after an eyebrow tint, don’t wet brows for some time to allow color to set and use an oil-free cleanser.  Additionally, DO NOT over tweeze. If you see a stray hair or 2 (above or below the brow line), it’s okay to pluck these to maintain your look.  Don’t get too up close and personal with the mirror or you’ll start tweezing way more than you should. Lastly, stay away from the scissors! You may feel the urge to trim the hairs that start to grow in, but between sparse tweezing and the mentioned products you should be good to go until your next appointment.  Leave a job like trimming unwanted hairs for a brow specialist.

Easy enough, huh?  No one ever said that looking good comes without some work but now you know just what to do at home to maintain Instagram-worthy brows!  

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