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Lash Lift & Tint: What It Is & Why You Should Do It

Lash lift and tint

Lash Lift & Tint: What It Is & Why You Should Do It

Wouldn’t it be nice to just wake up and have full lashes with the perfect curl? Thankfully, we live in a world full of beauty innovators that aim to give us functional options that speed up our routines and keep us looking polished both with makeup and without. While we love a full-glam look with big, bold falsies, we encourage our clients to love their natural lashes too, even if they’re stick-straight and downturned.

If you weren’t blessed with naturally fluttery and flirty lashes, there is a way to achieve them that doesn’t require sticky glue or coats of mascara. That’s right, the all-star duo – lash lift and tint – can create an instant lift for lashes, making them appear fuller and longer. We know a lot of you out there that haven’t tried a lift and tint yet may have doubts, wondering what exactly happens in an appointment and whether or not it’s worth a shot. So, before Googling lash lift and tint near me, we thought we’d explain what it is and why you should do it. 

So, What Exactly Is a Lash Lift?

You can think of a lash lift as a perm – but for lashes. Unlike those influenced by 80’s superstars however, a lash lift is gentle and free from harmful chemicals. Take our solution, for example, which uses medical-grade ingredients that are gentle on the eyes and actually good for your lashes (more on that later!) A lash lift essentially curves the lashes from the base up, leaving behind lifted, perfectly curled lashes for up to 8 weeks.

Why Should You Get a Lash Lift?

Beauty is constantly evolving, always bringing new, innovative  treatments to light. While many fade, some stay trending, especially those that produce amazing results. Lash lifts have been around for some time, with mostly satisfactory results that left clients hooked from day one. Some reasons why you should consider a lash lift include:

  • It reveals fuller, longer, and darker lashes
  • Our Keratin Formula nourishes and strengthens lashes
  • Eyelashes will have constant curl
  • It’s perfect for no-makeup makeup looks
  • Eyes will appear larger and brighter
  • You can ditch the eyelash curler
  • Say bye-bye to mascara (save it for glam days though!)

What Happens During a Lash Lift + Tint?

Before any treatment, it’s good to know what you’re getting into. Our lash lift Santa Monica pros are here with the scoop plus a few tips to make the process run smoothly.

Lashes are Cleaned

A clean canvas helps artists do their best work, which is why lashes are cleaned and prepped beforehand. A gentle cleanser removes any oil, dirt, or debris on the lashes and the eyes before beginning.

Patches Are Placed

Once eyes are squeaky clean, a patch is placed along the undereye to keep lower lashes in place. This prevents any of them from creeping up to try and join the others. Then, another pad is placed along the upper lash line, which helps form the curl and lift. When the solution is applied, the pad at the upper lash line holds lashes in place while the lifting solution sets.

Lashes are Combed

Before adding the star product, lashes are combed out. This will prevent any lashes from sticking together and ensure that there are no kinks. If there is one step that lash pros take their time on, it’s this one. It guarantees that lashes are straight from the base up, leaving the perfect curl.

Keratin Solution Is Applied

Once all the prep work is done, your lash artist will move in with our solution made with keratin, silk peptides, and botanicals. These ingredients are the trifecta, strengthening lashes while extending and lifting them for the best and safest results. The solution is brushed upward from the base of the lash to the tip and allowed to set for just a few minutes before removal.

Time For Tint

Your artist will choose a color that matches your lashes for the most natural results. They will discuss options and let you choose between a perfect match or a few shades darker than your natural color. When tint is applied, it’s done much the same as the Keratin solution. It’s swept onto the lashes from the base to the tip and left on for about 12 minutes.

Removal + Clean-up

Now it’s time to clean up and almost time to see the final result. Lash pros use a gentle oil to wipe away the tint and clean up the eyes once more before the big reveal.


And now, the most fulfilling part of the process, your first look in the mirror (almost anyway!) Artists will comb lashes again to make sure the results are as expected. They will remove the pads and set you up for your first glance at your new set of eyelashes. You’re sure to be stunned, seeing your natural lashes, only fuller, longer, and curlier than ever before. 

First-Timer Tips:

  • Remove eye makeup + falsies
  • Don’t wear contact lenses
  • Don’t curl your lashes
  • Avoid waterproof mascara for a few days before the appointment

What About Lash Lift & Tint Aftercare?

A lash lift and tint are not without some maintenance, though it’s minimal. To maintain results longer, it’s all about keeping the lashes clean and avoiding harsh products that can be rough on the lashes. Be sure to:

  • Keep lashes away from water for at least 24 hours
  • Avoid steam for 48 hours (that means no hot showers)
  • Stay away from waterproof mascara
  • Use an oil-based makeup remover
  • Be gentle on the eye area and avoid rubbing

If all of this was not enough to immediately search lash lift near me, we don’t know what else will. One short appointment can change your lash game for up to 8 weeks, giving you the perfect lashes from the time you wake up without the need to curl, add falsies, or even sweep on mascara.

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