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Top Benefits of a Keratin Lash Lift

The Perfect Keratin Lash Lift

Top Benefits of a Keratin Lash Lift

Eyelashes are a prominent part of your face, and you might not realize this, but their shape and color can dictate your whole look. And to make your lashes look great, there are a number of different treatments available. These include lash tints and eyelash extensions, both of which are pretty popular today. Keratin lash lift is another one of these treatments that is gathering momentum as the go-to eyelash treatment in the world.

What Is Keratin Eyelash Lifting?

A keratin lash lift is sometimes called a ‘perm’ for your eyelashes. Your hair is naturally made up of keratin and a lash lift only seeks to use products containing keratin to boost the natural keratin present in your hair and give your eyelashes a ‘lift’.  A silicone rod covered in a keratin formula is used for the purpose.

Benefits of Keratin Eyelash Lifting:

It Enhances Your Natural Eyelashes

Keratin eyelash lifts are particularly popular because they make your lashes look thicker and curlier without you having to constantly wear anything on your lashes such as extensions.

Imagine waking up each day to perfect natural lashes!

You Are Left With Curlier, Darker Lashes

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a keratin lift is that no matter the shape of your existing eyelashes, your eyelashes will look a hundred times better after the lift.

You will be left with voluminous, darker and curlier lashes than ever before. What that basically means is that you won’t need mascara anymore!

Suitable for All lash Types

Unlike other beauty treatments, you can opt for keratin eyelash lifts regardless of the type of eyelashes you have. Even if your eyelashes are naturally short and thin, you can still get perfect looking eyelashes with the help of a keratin eyelash lift.

So you never have to worry about not being a good candidate for a lash lift because everyone is a perfect candidate as far as eyelash lifts are concerned!

They Are Low Maintenance

In today’s busy day and age, no one has the time to sit and fix their eyelashes every time before going out. Even putting on mascara every day can be quite tedious. Extensions also require a certain degree of care.

Keratin lash lifts on the other hand are a onetime treatment. The treatment time is roughly an hour and you don’t have to do any after-care either.

They Are Not Harmful

Keratin is a natural protein. As such, a keratin lash lift isn’t harmful for you in any way. In fact, the chemicals that are present in mascara are probably far more harmful than a treatment such as this one can possibly be.

They Are Addictive

Once you make the decision to lift, there’s no going back! Your new eyelashes will feel so heavenly that you will not be able to imagine yourself without them.

So what are you waiting for? Get the best keratin eyelash lift and eyebrow lamination services in Santa Monica right now!

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