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Brow waxing, threading, and tweezing. What is best?


What works best for you? Waxing, Threading, or Tweezing

Your eyes and brows frame your face and enhance the way you look, so we all know the upkeep is very important! People interested in getting their brows done often ask me which is the best way to groom their brows and the difference between methods. What’s best-waxing, threading or tweezing? I wanted to give an overview of the pros and cons of each method. But remember, the most important thing is to find an artist with the skill, training and experience, that can execute each method properly!


Threading is a Middle Eastern practice and has become very popular in the United States over the last few years. This method uses a piece of thread that is twisted in the hands of the professional, to create a mini-lasso. This removes the hairs quickly and directly from the follicles


Eyebrow threading is suitable for those with sensitive skin as this technique is gentler and good for anyone that has recently had skin peels or is on medication that would prevent them from having waxing. No chemicals or heat are used so you are less likely to have an adverse reaction and the process can be done very quickly. It is also good for people looking for a more natural look.


This technique can be done very quickly but this means mistakes can be made just as fast. As we age, those mistakes take longer to grow back (if at all). If an inexperienced professional performs threading incorrectly, brow hairs can break and result in quicker re-growth. Depending on a person’s sensitivity and the skill of the technician, it can be painful and leave skin feeling tender. Also, the thread is sharp and can lead to minor cuts on the skin, if not done correctly.


Waxing is when warm wax is thinly applied with a wooden spatula to the hairs that will be removed. A paper strip is then applied directly over the area with the wax and is then swiftly pulled away, pulling the hairs out directly from the root. Waxing is instant and provides a clean, defined result.


Eyebrow waxing can be good for people with dense or coarse hair or for people who need a larger amount of hair removed. It is suited for clients that find threading and tweezing very painful. The hairs can grow back softer and finer with regular usage. Waxing gives clean, defined lines that can make the brows appear fuller if done correctly.


Waxing is not recommended for clients using Retin-A or other prescription products and acne medications. Always be sure to inform your aesthetician if you are using any of these product before waxing. Some people can also be very sensitive to waxing, resulting in redness, hives or breakouts. If you have sensitive skin, threading or tweezing might be best for you.


It is a classic and precise hair removal approach. Tweezing removes the stray hairs strand by strand to give a clean, precise look.


Allows for a more detailed and accurate brow shaping. Tweezing is suitable for those with sensitive skin and good for anyone that has recently had skin peels or is on medication that would prevent them from having waxing. No chemicals or heat are used so you are less likely to have an adverse reaction.


Tweezing can be painful, if at all, depending on persons tolerance. A skilled and experienced artist can work quickly but pulling out each hair individually can take more time.

Remember, it really comes down to your brow artist when looking to get your perfect arches! If you have any questions about which method is right for you, contact me at support@thebrowfixx.com. Book your appointment online and get 15% Off your first eyebrow waxing, threading, and at tweezing The Brow FIxx located in Santa Monica.

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Naomi Poshneh, Eyebrow Artist
The Brow Fixx

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