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Brow Styling Soap Vs Brow Gel

Soap Brows Styling Kit

Brow Styling Soap Vs Brow Gel

BIG beautiful brows are the latest trend these days!  Today, we’re here to tell you all there is to know about brow soap vs brow gel and which of these two techniques can give you show-stopping eyebrows that look like they’ve been treated by a professional.  And if you’re ready to give your brows the love they deserve, we’ve got an amazing, new product just for you!

What are Soap Brows?

We’re hearing the term soap brows more and more these days and for good reason!  One way to achieve fabulous brows is by using soap.  That’s right, soap is more versatile than some would imagine!  Even better, you can do this on your own in the comfort of your home.

Soap brows are fluffy, feathered, and natural-looking.  Sounds amazing, right?  When you apply soap to your brows, you can achieve a perfectly groomed look that will last all day.  It’s important to use soap specifically made for eyebrows to avoid irritation and we’ve got a great one for you, but we’ll get to that later!

What is Brow Gel?

Brow gel is another product for maintaining your brows at home.  It’s like mascara for your brows and is similar to soap brows as it’s used to shape your brows and set them in place for at least a little bit of time.

Which One is Better?

Brow gel has been a fix for unruly or sparse brows for quite some time, but soap brows is really where it’s at for fluffed, precise brows!  Those with extra unruly brows may agree that soap brows provide an ultimate hold that brow gel doesn’t.  If you get the right brow soap, it’ll truly give you a one-of-a-kind, full, and feathered brows all day long.  It’s such a treat to apply this product when you wake up and leave it be throughout the entire day without having to worry about reapplication.  

The Brow Fixx Brow Soap Kit
Brow Styling Soap Vs Brow Gel 3
Soap Brows Kit
Brow Styling Soap Vs Brow Gel 4

Pros of Brow Styling Soap:

  • This is an instant, non-invasive way to achieve groomed, great-looking brows.
  • Anyone can use it, whether you have unruly, sparse, or thick brows.
  • It goes on clear and no sticky residue or flakes are left behind.
  • It’ll give you a fuller brow while maintaining a natural look.
  • It sets your brows in place for the entire day.  No need to reapply!
  • It’s simple to use and creates no mess.
  • It allows you to easily spot and pluck stray hairs.
  • It’s affordable.  You can find this incredible product for under twenty dollars.

How to Use Brow Soap

  1. Clean any oil, makeup, or dirt from your brows.  If you’re going to fill in your brows, do this first and let it set before you begin applying the soap.
  2. Dampen your spoolie by running some water over it or spraying it with a mist, then rub it into the soap until it’s lathered with the product.
  3. Use the soaped spoolie to brush your brows upwards, applying the product evenly.  Continue this until your brows are feathered and perfected to your liking.  You can always start over by wiping the soap away if needed.  

If any gets in your eyes, the glycerin soap may cause some discomfort, but rinsing it out with water should resolve this in no time.

It’s truly that simple and you’ll be a soap brow professional in no time!

As a reminder for using any new-to-you product, test out the to make sure irritation doesn’t occur before fully applying it to both brows.

Check Out the Brow Styling Soap and Spoolie Kit

To get this fantastic look, we’ve got this Soap Brows and Spoolie Kit that conveniently comes with a compact, all-natural soap and a spoolie.  Use this kit to get precise fluffed and feathered eyebrows.  

The natural soap in our Soap Brows and Spoolie Kit is made with all organic ingredients that will moisturize, cleanse, and soften your brows and skin.

The Bamboo Spoolie

Pair your Soap Brows and Spoolie Kit with The Bamboo Spoolie.  Not only is this an adorable addition to the kit, but it’s organic and environmentally friendly!  You can never have too many fresh, clean spoolies.

Pro Tip: If you happen to have clumped up lashes after application, use The Bamboo Spoolie to brush them out for flawless lashes!  You can also use the spoolie to wipe dried mascara bits off your lids for a perfected look.

Professional Services and Brow Soap

You may be wondering if you can use a brow soap alongside professional services and the answer is: definitely!  While using brow soap can be done on its own for groomed brows, you can also use it to maintain your eyebrows in between appointments with your brow expert for waxing, threading, brow lamination, and more.  There’s no harm in keeping up with your brows and giving them the best look possible, especially when it’s quick and easy!

Which One is Right for Me, Brow Soap or Brow Gel?

If you’re trying to decide between styling gel soap brows and brow gel, that can be a tough decision.  They’re both used with a similar goal in mind, but most would say that soap brows last longer and provide a natural-looking hold to give you flawless brows from morning to night.  If you use this  eyebrow styling brow soap and Spoolie Kit, you can’t go wrong.  You will have perfected eyebrows all-day day long that look full, feathered, and like you spent hours grooming them.

Final Thoughts Brow soap has been a top product for makeup artists for a long time and is becoming a popular addition to makeup bags everywhere!  There are tons of pros to using it and if you’re ready to get a professional, amazing brow look, we highly recommend The Brow Fixx’s Organic Brow Styling Soap and Spoolie Kit!

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