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MY PROBLEM BROWS – An Autobiography

Problem eyebrow

MY PROBLEM BROWS – An Autobiography

Having problems with my eyebrows my WHOLE entire life and trying everything under the sun helped shape (pun intended, hehe) me into the brow artist I am today. I thought for today’s blog, I would tell you about some of the problems I have faced with my own brows and ways to make your brows the best they can be!

I swear eyebrows have a mind of their own! They grow where we don’t want them and don’t fill in where we would like. Typical. If you read my last blog, you know I’m a recovering tweezeaholic 🙂 That makes it very hard for me to grow any hair in places I tweezed for years. Brow hair is very fragile and sometimes years of over tweezing or waxing can kill the hair follicle. Now why can’t that happen to my leg hair?! Sighhh..again, typical.

When I first started growing out my eyebrows I literally just didn’t touch them. Having blonde eyebrow hair is a good thing (the only good thing btw) when I was growing them out. I would fill them in and just leave them be. I didn’t ever wax my eyebrows until I started working for Benefit Cosmetics, and that changed my life. Even though I was only waxing around my shape and only removing blonde, almost see-thru hair, it made such a difference! The shape was more defined. I was able to fill them in SO much easier. The waxed area acted as a guide. It changed my life!

Brow Waxing and Threading Changed My Life!

The second life changing brow moment was tinting my eyebrows. Growing up with albino, almost non existent eyebrows was such a challenge for me. I honestly can’t remember a time that I didn’t fill them in. So you can imagine after years and years (and years) of having to draw my eyebrows on, tinting was AMAZING! I still had to fill them in quite a bit but at least I looked like I had eyebrows, even when I washed my makeup off! Life changing for sure!

If you’re struggling with your brows or any of the above hits home, here are some tips:

(1) Find someone you can trust with your eyebrows. This can prove difficult, so if you see someone on the street with killer brows ask them where they go (they most likely come to me, hehe) , ask friends for referrals, yelp, google, and Instagram are a few ways. I know its tempting, but no matter how bad the nail lady says your brows are, resist the urge to have her wax you. I’ve seen so many clients have parts of their brows waxed clean off. It’s not worth the pain and time it will take to grow your brow hair out. Find a local eyebrow waxing and threading artist near your neighborhood you like and stick with them.

(2) Create a plan. For all my new clients I have an in depth consultation on what they want to achieve. If they are growing their brows out, we look together and figure out the best shape that will help accomplish that. I have clients that had barley any brows when they first started seeing me and years later their brows now have flourished. I recommend not tweezing in between appointments, so no mistakes happen. It really takes patience, will power and scheduling regular eyebrow shaping maintenance visits. For most people this is every 3-4 weeks.

(3) Try tinting. If your brows are see thru (like mine), sparse or you want them to be bolder, tinting is a great option. Your brow artist can help you pick the perfect tint and you’ll love the result! Brow tint can last up to 4 weeks but for most people the tint fades after 2-3 weeks. When a brow tint is done and the brows are waxed/threaded/shaped afterwards it is truly amazing how full and beautiful they can look. It still amazes me every time!

I hope this helps all of you that can feel my eyebrow pain! Have any questions, comments or just wanna say hi? Feel free to email me! or visit us at thebrowfixx.com to schedule your eyebrow waxing and threading near Santa Monica

Be on the look out for our blog next week, we will recommend some eyebrow products that will work best for you
Until next time, Happy Growing!!

Naomi xo

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