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Pencil, Powder or Gel???

Brow pencil or powder?

Pencil, Powder or Gel???

Everyday I get the same question, what is the best product to use when filling your brows in???  What is best for you can prove to be quite confusing when the market is so saturated with a never-ending list of “fad” products..and honestly one product is not best for everyone. Each person has different brows and different needs, so the product that is used will differ from person to person.

I like to keep it simple! The three most common products I use are pencil, powder and gel.

Pencil – Eyebrow Pencil is great for drawing a shape, if you are lacking.  I used a brow pencil every day before I got my brows microbladed.  Because I had so many areas of my brows that were either bald or very sparse, only pencil would help fill in these areas. Power and gel won’t stick to the skin as well as a pencil.  Word of advice, use pencil with caution!  If not blended properly or the wrong color is applied, it can give a very harsh and unattractive look.  

Tip: use a shade lighter than your hair color. This will have a much more natural look.  Also, the fine tipped pencils are my fav! I highly recommend using the PONI Brow Magic Pencil.  The Magic Brow allows you to create a natural looking brow quickly and it is the perfect eyebrow pencil for beginners or even experts. The best thing about this eyebrow pencil is is that it comes in one color that suits all!  It also contains biotin which is known to be a hair growth stimulator.  And did we mention it is a cruelty-free make up brand.

Powder – Eyebrow Powder can be used to define the shape and make the brows bolder.  When I would fill my eyebrows in, I would draw the shape with the pencil and use powder over the top of the brow for a softer, more natural look.  Again, when shopping for a powder it is best to look for a shade that is one to two shades lighter than your natural hair color.  That way you can be more heavy handed with the product without looking over done. One other product we absolutely love is the PONI BROW DUO Powder, which gives you a silky smooth natural look.  It’s made from the highest quality minerals ensuring easy application. 

Gel – Eyebrow Gel helps hold the hairs in place and can be either clear or have a tint to it.  Gel is mostly used for people with a good amount of brow hair already.  It is great for people with unruly brow hairs that need help keeping themselves in place. The PONI Zebra Clear Brow Gel is the perfect brow gel to keep your eyebrows in place.  This brow gel creates a natural shine with a strong hold that feels soft on your eyebrows.  Best part bout the gel, it is water resistant and can be applied to your brows in seconds.  

Hope this helps anyone looking for advice on what product to use for their brows! Remember you can always ask your brow stylist to show you how to fill them in. I love giving my clients a little one on one tutorial 🙂 Also we are the only suppliers for PONI in Los Angeles, so if you’re interested in any of these items give us a call or feel free to visit our salon.  The Brow Fixx is a eyebrow threading and waxing salon located in Santa Monica, CA.  You can contact us at 310-893-5703 or seamlessly book an appointment online. 

Make sure to read over our first blog, we explain what type of brow service will work best for you and also the perfect brow shape for your face.  It’s a perfect article that goes over the pros and cons about waxing, threading and tweezing.   

Until next week, happy filling!!!

Naomi xo

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