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Keratin Lash Lift Service Q & A

Keratin Lash Lift Service Q & A

Want a push-up bra for your lashes?  How about a Keratin treatment for your lashes?  No extensions here, this treatment relies on your natural lashes!

That’s right!  You can lift your lashes and give them extra precision by receiving the Keratin Lash Lift Service.

What is  Keratin Lash Lift Service?

A Keratin Lash Lift is a enhancement technique that is designed to boost and lift the natural eyelash. During this lash lift treatment your lashes will be affixed to a silicone pad where we use the GEL Lashes signature technique to specifically place the lashes where we want them. This lifts the eyelashes from the base to tip m.  While your eyes are closed, your lashes are curled over and attached to the silicone pad.  The silicone pads job is to curl your lashes and give them shape while the keratin coats your lashes to lift them and set everything in place.  This treatment will strengthen your lashes and give them a semi-permanent shape similar to what an eyelash curler and mascara can provide for you, but even better!

What are the pros?

What’s awesome about the Keratin Lash Lift service is that there are tons of pros!  As opposed to fake lashes, a keratin lash lift will give your lashes a natural and long lasting new and improved look.  You get to be the boss and choose how your lashes will appear!  Your lash expert will help you in making sure your desired lash look is achieved.  Since a lash lift is long lasting, you don’t have to worry about quickly repeating the process because it will last up to a few months.  The G.E.L. Keratin lash lift is also chemical-free and does not hurt.  As for the best part, while you can still wear eye makeup, you’ll notice that you really don’t have to.  In fact, a lash lift is very low maintenance and doesn’t require much, if any, upkeep.  Feel free to go ahead and ditch your mascara and sleep in a little each morning!

What are the cons?

There really are not many cons of a lash lift.  Although the service is somewhat pricey, costing around $150, it does last longer than other lash treatments and is worth the cash.  Additionally, while you may be eager to get those lashes back to their top notch look once the lift begins to wear off, it is important to give your lashes time to chill between treatments.  And, well, that’s it for that.  The list of pros was far longer, right?

What is the process like during and after?

The Keratin Lash Lift treatment doesn’t require much hard work on your part.  You should come to your appointment with clean, free from makeup, lashes.  In fact, it’s best to refrain from wearing makeup for a couple days leading up to your appointment.  The whole process of receiving your upgraded lash look takes about an 90 minutes and all you have to do is lay back and close your eyes.  The best part is we pair your keratin lash lift with a lash tinting treatment to give you a darker more dramatic look. After the service, you should allow the lift to settle in by keeping your lashes dry for 24 hours.  Your new look will give fabulous looking results and will last up to a few months.

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