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How to Use Brow Styling Soap: A Full Guide to Fabulous Brows

How to Use Brow Styling Soap: A Full Guide to Fabulous Brows

Brow styling soap is not new to the world of beauty, but it’s becoming all the talk these days!  If you’re looking to get those dreamy, fluffy, and feathered brows that everyone’s talking about, we’ve got good news!  We’re here to give you the complete run-down on all things brow soap including what it is, why it’s amazing, steps to using it, the best brow soap out there, and even more answers to questions you may have.

What is Brow Styling Soap?

Brow Styling Soap is exactly that!  It’s soap used to style your eyebrows in order to give them a clean, feathered, brushed up look.  Brow soap is different from your regular, everyday soap because of its ingredients.  For soap brows, you need to use a soap with glycerin due to its low pH.  Using a soap without glycerin can cause irritation.  The best brow soap is also transparent in order to avoid a white residue left on your brows.  We’ll get to the perfect soap for this later!

Reasons to Use Brow Styling Soap

There are a number of great reasons to use brow styling soap, so let’s get to it!

  • You can sleep later.  More beauty rest is no problem when you use brow soap because it takes only a few minutes to apply and because it enhances your entire look, you don’t have to spend half an hour applying a bunch of makeup.
  • It lasts all day.  Say goodbye to the days of running to the bathroom on your lunch break to freshen up because once you get your soap brows ready in the morning, it holds until bedtime.
  • The soap tin doesn’t take up much space.  Brow soap is very compact and can easily fit in any purse or makeup bag making it no trouble to travel with.
  • It’s easy to use.  Whether you’re a brow newbie or expert, brow styling soap is one of the easiest cosmetics out there.
  • It’s affordable.  Brow soap is one of the cheapest eye products you can find, especially considering the magic it works on your brows.
  • It helps with tweezing.  Once you’ve used the soap and precisely brushed your brows into place, you can easily spot stray hairs to pluck away.
  • It’s completely mess-free.  There is zero clean-up required making it extremely simple to use anytime, anywhere.
  • Speaking of cleaning, you can easily rinse off the spoolie brush that you use to apply to soap.  This only needs to be done as the product builds up over time.

Steps for Using Brow Styling Soap

As we mentioned, brow soap is one of the simplest products you’ll ever use!  Remember to do a test before applying any new product to be sure irritation does not occur.  

Simply follow these steps for fluffy feather brows.

  1. Cleanse your brows of any oil, makeup, or dirt.  If filling in your brows is a part of your routine, go ahead and do this before you apply your brow soap.
  2. Dampen your spoolie by running it under water or spraying it with a water mist.  Open your soap tin and gently rub your spoolie over the soap to lather it.
  3. Time for bomb brows!  Use your soaped spoolie to comb your brows upwards and make sure to apply to product evenly.  If your brows become to lathered, wipe them with your finger and reapply.  Continue brushing until your brows are flawlessly feathered.

If the product gets into your eye, simply rinse with water.

The Best Brow Soap to Use

Now that you’re probably beyond ready for the best brows on the block, you need to get the best brow soap to get the job done!  We absolutely adore our Brow Styling Soap and Spoolie Kit.  It’s truly everything you would want in a brow soap! 

This brow and spoolie kit comes with an organic soap tin and a spoolie brush.  Not only does this best brow soap go on clear leaving zero residues, but the soap is all-natural.  Each natural ingredient serves a useful purpose from nourishing the brows and skin to removing dirt and oils.  

While the kit comes with a spoolie, you can also add a bamboo spoolie.  This bamboo spoolie is not only adorable, but the handle of the brush is eco-friendly.

Brow Soap FAQ

Let’s look more at some questions you may have about brow styling soap and get some answers!

Can Anyone Use It?

Absolutely!  This is one of the best things about brow soap.  Brow styling soap will give any eyebrows a boost whether you have sparse, thick, or unruly brows.  Also, brow soap is so easy to apply that any novice or pro can use it.

Can Brow Styling Soap Damage the Brows?

The Brow Fixx’s Brow Styling Soap Kit is made with organic ingredients so there’s no need to worry about irritation or damage to the brows or skin. 

How is Brow Soap Different from Brow Gel?

You may be more familiar with brow gel, as brow soap was once mostly used by top-notch makeup artists.  Now the everyday person is learning about brow soap and tossing the brow gel!  This is because soap provides a longer-lasting hold keeping your brows perfectly in place all day long while maintaining a beautifully natural look!

What Other Ways Can a Spoolie Be Used?

A neat thing about the soap and spoolie kit is that the spoolie can be multi-purpose really giving you a gorgeous look!  As we mentioned before, a spoolie can help with tweeing because you can easily spot stray hairs when you’re brows are brushed precisely in place.  You can also use the spoolie to brush through clumpy lashes without having to start all over.  And, if some mascara lands on your eyelids, let it dry and brush it away with the spoolie for a clean look.

Final Thoughts

Brow styling soap is where it’s at to upgrade your look in no time with no mess.  Don’t forget to check out The Brow Fixx’s organic brow soap and bamboo spoolie to get the brows you’ve been longing for.  Time for picture-perfect, show-stopping brows!

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