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How To Find The Best EyeBrow Shape For Your Face?

Eyebrow Shape

How To Find The Best EyeBrow Shape For Your Face?

The shape of your eyebrows may make or break your entire look. If you want to get your best look, but aren’t sure which eyebrow shape will suit your face better, then you’re at the right place. Here in this blog, you will get to know the best eyebrow shape for your face. So, let’s get started!

Before you decide to get your brows done, you’re inundated with beauty tips on almost everything from stylizing your hair to choosing the right skin foundation. While deciding on a beauty look is seldom easy, there is plenty of inspiration available to help you with your eye makeup, hairdo, and lip color. The same cannot be true about your brows. Though the hairs above your eyes have been popular in the cosmetic market recently, it can still be difficult to find the help you require. While maintaining your brows isn’t as thrilling or glamorous as applying lip gloss or eyeliner, it’s just as crucial in creating your desired appearance.

What you need to know before deciding the eyebrow shape?        

If you’re looking to redo your eyebrow for an event, it’s easy to get confused. This is because of a large number of eyebrow styles available to choose from. Look no farther than these professional recommendations for an overview of common arch types, who they work best for, and how to do them.

Before you begin, bear in mind that your optimal brow style is determined by your face shape, not just the prevailing trends. But it doesn’t mean you can’t change their form to match your preferences. Of course, unless you’re microblading, coaxing, full face threading—and growing—the most appropriate style will take its own sweet time.

Eyebrow shapes for different type of faces

For Round Shape Faces

Face Shape: Round faces tend to be wider at the cheeks. This shape gets curvier with a lenient jawline.

Brow Shape: Strident, slanting brows add depth to a person’s overall appearance with a round face. If you have a bigger face, do make sure to choose full, thick eyebrows. This is because it combines perfectly well with the inner forehead and external cheekbones. In the case of a smaller face, thinner eyebrows are perfect. However, this would require eyebrow waxing more frequently.

For Oval Shape Faces

Face Shape: Oval features are wider in the cheekbones and have a longer face. Because oval faces are not as broad as round faces, they appear more egg-shaped.

Brow Shape: The best part about an oval face is that it goes well with almostevery eyebrow shape. Oval faces are exceptionally balanced and proportioned, therefore, pair well with all eyebrow shapes.

Heart Shape Faces

Face Shape: Such faces remain wide at the forehead and narrow at the jaw end.

Brow Shape: Brows with gentle arches and full-thickness complement heart-shaped features well. With a broader brow, the whole thickness works great. The delicate arch runs from the brow to the eye line smoothly and without becoming overly dramatic. Choose a reputed eyebrow salon to get the best looks.

Square Faces

Face Shape: The dimension of the brow and the beginning of the jaw are about the same size. While the chin becomes narrower, it remains broader and more angular than in other facial forms.

Brow Shape: A somewhat higher-set curving arch complements square faces beautifully. Its height gives the face an extended aspect. The curving arches of the brows soften the face’s contour. The tips of your brows should not be positioned too low since they might make your eyes appear droopy. You can also try eyebrow lamination.

Diamond Shape Faces

Face Shape: This facial form, like a diamond, is thin at the top and bottom. Diamond faces have a smaller chin, wider cheeks, and a somewhat narrower forehead.

Eyebrow Shape: Curved brows make your forehead look larger, which balances out your wide cheekbones. Combine them with angled arches to create a smoother face contour.

Long Face Shape

Face Shape: An oblong face is long and seems thin.

Eyebrow Shape: Soft or straight arches work best to make an oblong face appear broader. If you want straight brows, give them a tiny bend and soft ends. Any strong facial contours are softened by delicate brows. Thicker brows will make your forehead appear broader, giving your oblong face a more heart-shaped impression.

The Conclusion

The shape and style of your eyebrows make a prominent effect on your overall look, sochoose the right eyebrow shape considering your face shape and boast a look that would leave everyone awestruck. To opt for the most experienced and skilled eyebrow waxing, eyebrow threading or eyebrow lamination, look no further than The Brow Fixx.

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