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How to Calm Your Skin After Waxing

Eyebrow and Facial Threading

How to Calm Your Skin After Waxing

Getting your brows done is one of the best feelings in the world! There’s nothing better than a clean, shaped, groomed and defined brow. Makeup goes on better and filling them in is a breeze. However, if you are someone that has any bad side effects after waxing, (ahem..meeee!!) this can make the experience a less happy one. In today’s blog I will go over common side effects after waxing and ways to deal with these problems.

One common side effect after waxing is inflammation or redness. Pulling the hair out at the follicle can cause irritation or inflammation and tugging at skin can causes redness. This is why your brow artist should take small sections when waxing, especially if you’re sensitive and they should never, I repeat NEVER wax over the same area twice! Generally red skin or inflamed skin will subside over the course of the day but there are ways to relieve it faster.

Preventing Skin Irritation

Before we talk about relief, we have to talk about prevention. Your skin isn’t supposed to be red and irritated for more than a short while. Make sure to tell your waxing specialist if you have any allergies or are on any medication that could cause a bad reaction.

Some people get hives after waxing, which is extremely common. I tell clients to take an antihistamine before their waxing appointment to lessen this. Applying cortisone after the service can help, which I use on the regular after waxing appointments.  I also always apply Aloe Vera gel to the areas waxed, which helps cool and soothe the skin. This will help soothe and subdue the redness and inflammation. Some skin is more sensitive than others and my skin personally is red for HOURS. To lessen this, I use ice or an ice-pack to help reduce inflammation. If you have somewhere to go and don’t want everyone and their mother knowing you just got waxed, try applying some light powder makeup, which is better than concealer because it allows your skin to breathe.

Best Products to use After Waxing

Remember that just because someone is licensed in hair removal doesn’t mean they’re good at waxing. Any half-decent brow artist will clean and prep skin, apply and remove the product correctly, and soothe your skin after your service. If your tech doesn’t clean or prep your skin, RUN. All of these things can make the difference in how irritated or red your skin becomes.

But when it’s not normal, it’s not normal. If the skin is painful for days, lifts off (you’ll know), bleeds or scabs over, then something isn’t right. Eyebrow Waxing isn’t for everyone! It can be hard on the skin for some people. Threading or tweezing are two alternatives that also remove the hair follicle from the root but are much gentler on the skin.

If you have any questions or concerns, or are unsure what technique is right for you, don’t hesitate to ask your brow artist! We are here to give you amazing brows and to help soothe your nerves and your skin.

The Brow Fixx specializes in eyebrow shaping.  If you are searching for an eyebrow waxing salon near Santa Monica, feel free to book appointment online or call us at 310-893-5703.  We recently launched our new service G.E.L. Keratin Lash Lifts and Brow Laminations, and our clients are absolutely loving it.  Check out our previous blog about GEL Keratin Lash Lifts.

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