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Eyebrows, why do we have them?

The Brow Fixx eyebrow waxing and treading

Eyebrows, why do we have them?

Scientists don’t know exactly why we have this random hair above our eyes, but they have a pretty good idea. Eyebrows as we know, keep moisture like sweat or other water like substances out of our eyes.  The arch we all know and love is shaped perfectly to divert any water or sweat away from our eyes and down our face, keeping our eyes dry and protected.  Pretty cool, huh? So next time you work out and are sweating buckets, just be grateful that your eyebrows are keeping all of that out of your eyes.

Brows also help us communicate with each other. We can tell people we are happy, surprised, confused or angry, all with the help of our eyebrows.

In the modern age, eyebrows are not just for protecting our eyes.  They are also a fashion statement for your face and can make or break your look. They help accentuate the eyes and shape the face. Of course, not everyone is born with perfect brows; so, to achieve an aesthetically-pleasing look, eyebrows should be trimmed, shaped, and filled routinely.

If you’re looking to get your brows into perfect shape, Brows By Naomi offers eyebrow threading for women and men.  We also do eyebrow waxing and tinting with any service.  Feel free to book an appointment online or call us at 310-893-5703.

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Until next week,

Naomi xo

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