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Eyebrow Lamination Q & A: Everything You Need to Know

eyebrow lamination service at The Brow Fixx Salon

Eyebrow Lamination Q & A: Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve got out-of-control brows that need some taming, eyebrow lamination might just be your answer!  A Keratin eyebrow lamination service can give you the gorgeous brows you’re longing for.  Today, we will fill you in on all things eyebrow lamination from what it is, who should get it, is it safe, what to expect at an appointment, our service at The Brow Fixx, and if you can just do it at home.

What is Eyebrow Lamination?

During an eyebrow lamination service, natural keratin is infused into your brow hairs.  The goal is to perfectly shape, straighten, and soften eyebrows looking like you’ve just immaculately combed them.  A keratin eyebrow lamination will redirect your natural brow growth and give you ruly, perfected, beautiful brows.

What is Keratin?

We hear ‘keratin’ a lot when it comes to our hair, but what is it?  Keratin is fibrous, protective protein and is found in our hair, skin, and nails.  When keratin is applied to hair, it strengthens it, makes it smoother and straighter, and brings back moisture and shine.  Needless to say, Keratin is all the good stuff for our hair (and brows)!

Should I Get Eyebrow Lamination?

There are tons of excellent options out there for treating your brows, but eyebrow lamination is great if you don’t like pain, have wild or sparse brows, long for shiny and fullers brows, or you went a little crazy with the tweezers.  If you want to really highlight your brows, you can always pair your brow lamination service with another method such as threading, tinting, or waxing.  These services can provide an even cleaner, more emphasized look and your brow pro can help you decide which service combination would work best for your eyebrow goals!

Is Brow Lamination Safe?

While eyebrow lamination can work wonders for your brows, it isn’t for everyone.  If you’ve got very thin or barely-there brows, there are better techniques for you such as eyebrow threading, a non-invasive and natural way to achieve a groomed, clean look.    Brow lamination also isn’t best for those with very sensitive skin, so consult your brow pro to decide if it’s a good option for you.  If it’s not, your eyebrow expert can help you decide which brow method will work best for you.

What Can I Expect During Brow Lamination Service?

During your brow lamination service, you will essentially receive a perm for your brows as it gives them a set shape.  Natural keratin is applied to your eyebrows and the brows are brushed up to achieve the desired look.  You will finish up your appointment with lifted, fuller, and more nourished brows.  And, the best part is that all of this is done with no pain!

Brow Lamination Service at The Brow Fixx

We love providing our clients with our keratin brow lamination service at The Brow Fixx!  When you come in for your eyebrow lamination, we will use an advanced brow lamination technique that is formulated to lift your brows while making them look fuller, stronger, and more nourished.  The gentle formula we use consists of keratin, silk peptides, and botanicals and provides omega 3’s, vitamin E, vitamin C, silica, antioxidants, and antimicrobials.  Even better: our G.E.L. Brow Lamination is the safest brow lifting method in the country!

What’s the cost?

At The Brow Fixx, the Keratin Eyebrow Lamination is $80.00.  For top-notch, extra excellent brows, you can pair waxing, threading, or tweezing with your brow lamination for an additional cost.

How long does it take?

Our brow lamination service is a 40-minute appointment.  That’s right, in under an hour, you can have bomb-looking brows.  Easy, painless, and quick!

How long will it last?

Everyone’s hair cycle is different, so the length of time your eyebrow lamination will last depends on this.  If your old hairs fall out and new hairs grow in slower than others, your lamination will last more time.  Since a regular hair growth cycle is about a month, eyebrow laminations typically last for three to eight weeks.

How can I maintain my brows after my appointment?

While your brow lamination will last around a month, give or take, there are a couple of ways you can maintain your amazing brows yourself.

  • The Brow Fixx’s Brow Soap & Spoolie Kit can be tossed into your makeup bag readily available for when you want to brush up your brows to get an all-day, flawless look.
  • Tweeze, but don’t over tweeze.  If you spot a stray hair above or below the brow line, it’s okay to pluck it out to maintain a clean look.  As easy as it can be to get close up in the mirror to pluck away, stay away from this to avoid over-tweezing.
  • Simply use a brow brush to define your brow shape and achieve a finished look.
  • Shape and enhance your brows with a brow powder.  Brow powders come in multiple shades for a natural, perfected look.
  • When your brows start growing back and need taming again, contact your brow professional for your next appointment. 

Can I Do Eyebrow Lamination at Home?

In short, no, you shouldn’t try this at home.  It’s truly better safe than sorry when it comes to brow lamination.

There are brow professionals for a reason, so leave the job of a lamination up to the pros!  Here are a few reasons why.

  • They are well versed in appropriate brow shapes for different facial structures and hair types.
  • They know exactly what steps to take to do the job right, giving you the desired look.
  • A brow pro can also address your eyebrow color if need be.  If you’re looking to shake things up, your brow expert can help you choose the perfect shade of color.
  • An expert will properly rid of stray hairs.  It’s entirely too easy to over-pluck at home, so it’s best to allow the master to precisely tweeze or wax.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to take charge of unruly brows, a Keratin eyebrow lamination can get the job done.  This quick and painless treatment will give your brows amazing shape and volume for around a month.  If you have sensitive skin, talk with your brow expert to decide what treatment will work best for you.  There’s something out there for everyone!

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