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Eyebrow Tinting, Lamination, and Waxing: A Comparison of Popular Brow Services

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Eyebrow Tinting, Lamination, and Waxing: A Comparison of Popular Brow Services

Bomb brows are the latest beauty trend these days and we’re here for it! Are you looking to finally step up your brow game? Maybe you’ve already dabbled in eyebrow treatments and want to learn more about them. Regardless, we’re here to give you a comparison of popular brow services and help you decide which one is right for you.

The Brow Fixx offers services like eyebrow tinting, lamination, waxing, and more. Whether you have thick brows that need to be tamed, barely-there brows that you want to enhance, or you want to achieve a natural-looking groomed brow – there’s something for everyone! It’s also possible to combine services, too. Continue reading for all the details on our favorite options.

A Comparison of Popular Brow Services

Eyebrow Lamination

Are you looking to tame unruly hairs and achieve fuller brows? EyeBrow lamination is a method that lifts your brows at the root giving a more dramatic look. Then, they’re precisely placed for a groomed look. At The Brow Fixx, we use a Keratin formula that’s meant to also nourish and strengthen your hair. 

The Process

The best part of brow lamination is that you get to sit back and relax for about forty minutes while your brow artist gets to work. A Keratin is applied to every strand of hair, then lifted at the root to give that volumized look. After that, the hairs are set into place going the same direction for a clean shape. This treatment can be paired with other services like eyebrow waxing if desired.


  • Improves brow shape
  • Noninvasive treatment
  • Upkeep isn’t required
  • Quick and pain-free
  • Tames unruly brows
  • Long-lasting


  • Shouldn’t be done at home because a lack of knowledge can result in a poor outcome
  • Best for those with thick brows

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is a brow service that’s meant to enhance your brows. During tinting, a semi-permanent dye is used to darken the hairs. When you add color to your eyebrows, they can appear fuller and stand out more. To address the shape of your brows, many people combine eyebrow tinting with other services like eyebrow waxing or lamination.

The Process

Your brow expert will discuss with you the best dye shade for your hair color and goals. Then, your brows are cleaned and brushed. Next, your desired shape is mapped out and cream is applied around the brow to prevent any skin stains. Finally, the tint is applied from the beginning of the brow to the end. From start to finish, the process takes about 20 minutes unless you pair it with another treatment.


  • Very quick and simple
  • Gives brows a thicker appearance
  • Defines other facial features
  • Enhances your brows
  • Darkens barely-there brows to make them stand out


  • Very temporary (2-4 weeks) so requires a regular touch up to keep up with it
  • Some dyes can cause irritation
  • Sun exposure can lighten the color

Eyebrow Waxing

An eyebrow waxing service is an oldie but a goodie. There’s a reason this technique has been a popular one for many years. It’s a quick, gentle, and affordable way to achieve precisely shaped brows with a perfect arch. 

The Process

You’ll discuss your brow goals with your brow artist and work together to come up with the best shape and arch for your face. Then, warm wax is applied to the unwanted hairs and pulled away to give that perfect shape. Usually, tweezing and trimming are done to finish the look. At The Brow Fixx, we apply witch hazel to clean your skin and aloe vera to calm possible irritation and close the pores. 

The best part of eyebrow waxing? You’re in and out in 20 minutes! (Unless you pair it with another service.)


  • Fast and easy appointment
  • Tames thick, rowdy brows
  • Flawlessly shapes brows
  • No pain; minor discomfort that lasts only seconds while hair is being pulled
  • Repeated service encourages softer hair growth


  • Possible redness or irritation afterward (aloe vera helps with this)
  • Isn’t best for those with sensitive skin
  • Shouldn’t be done at home as brow experts know the method best

Eyebrow waxing, tinting, and lamination are some of our most popular treatments. However, we offer a couple of other brow services that our clients love.

  • Eyebrow threading: This is the process of pulling hairs from the follicle using a thin thread. During threading, multiple hairs can be removed at once. It results in a clean, defined, natural-looking eyebrow and a perfect arch without the use of any chemicals. 
  • Eyebrow tweezing: This treatment is similar to threading in that it pulls hairs from the follicle. Tweezing targets individual hairs and gives a more defined look than threading.
brow threading service at a salon
Eyebrow Threading Service

Which eyebrow treatment is best for me?

The great thing about eyebrows is that there are various treatments to get your dream look. With that said, it can be hard to decide which one to do. Your brow professional can always consult with you to help you decide, but here are some tips to help you. 

  • Lamination is best for those with rowdy brows who want tamed, fuller brows that require little to no maintenance. 
  • Tinting will add color to make your brows stand out. It also brings out other facial features.
  • Waxing is ideal for achieving a precise brow shape and arch. It’s long-lasting and with continuous waxing, your brows achieve the look you like because unwanted hairs will grow back finer.
  • Threading is good for those looking to achieve a specific shape while maintaining a natural look.
  • Tweezing is best for giving a precise and distinct shape.

Now you know everything from the comparison of popular brow services, If you want to really treat yourself, you can combine services to get that complete look you’ve been dreaming of.

Brow Services Near Me in Santa Monica, CA

If you’re looking for services like eyebrow lamination near me in Santa Monica or waxing, tinting, and more – check out The Brow Fixx. We’re a team of eyebrow experts who aim to give our clients a top-notch salon experience while helping you achieve their beauty goals.

Besides our renowned brow services, The Brow Fixx also specializes in Keratin Lash Lifts, a perfect choice for anyone searching for a ‘lash lift near me‘ to enhance their natural lashes. This treatment lifts and curls your lashes, giving them a longer, fuller look without the need for extensions. The Keratin formula not only provides the lift but also nourishes and strengthens your lashes, encouraging healthy growth. It’s an ideal, low-maintenance solution for those with a busy lifestyle, offering lasting results for weeks. Our Keratin Lash Lifts are an excellent complement to our array of brow services, ideal for anyone wanting to make their eyes stand out with a natural and effortless beauty.

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