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Why Eyebrow henna tinting is perfect for you!

Henna Eyebrow Tinting

Why Eyebrow henna tinting is perfect for you!

Currently big, bold, beautiful brows are the look, but not everyone is blessed with brows that can be seen without makeup. Some color their hair yet do not realize how eyebrows can affect their appearance. We focus so much on getting our hair to be a perfect color, but what our eyebrows? Eyebrows are the feature that helps frame our eyes and shape it beautifully.

Some use an eyebrow pencil daily but using semi-permanent eyebrow tint or henna eyebrow tinting can save you so much time in your morning routine. The tinting process is safe, quick, and doesn’t take too long. At The Brow Fixx we will make sure your eyes and skin are protected and safe. If you have barely-there brows, give us a visit to get the brows to make your eyes POP.

To get a fully polished and finished look, I always love shaping the brows after tinting! Your eyebrows will look amazing when they are shaped correctly and added with the perfect tint, it’s sure to blow your socks off! Some may not realize the importance of eyebrow shaping and how it dramatically changes your entire look. Recently I have been doing a lot of eyebrow & Facial threading. People love the natural look or threading and how it’s less harsh than wax on the skin. There’s nothing better than fluffy, natural, threaded brows mixed with a bold tint. It’s the perfect combo!

Book an appointment at our local salon near Santa Monica for a eyebrow threading and henna tint combo.

And be sure to not make these eyebrow mistakes when doing your own brows at home.

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