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A Complete Guide to Our Latest Product: The Brow Fixx Soap Brows & Spoolie Kit

A Complete Guide to Our Latest Product: The Brow Fixx Soap Brows & Spoolie Kit

The Brow Fixx has a new product just for you and your fabulous brows!  Today, we’re here to give you all the details on The Brow Fixx Brow Styling Soap & Spoolie Kit including what it is, why this product is so great, and how to use it.  Get ready to make your brows pop

What is the Brow Fixx Brow Styling Soap & Spoolie Kit?

How do you feel about fluffed, feathered brows that are perfectly groomed?  You can achieve this look right at home with The Brow Fixx Soap & Spoolie Kit.  The kit comes with soap and a spoolie to get the job precisely done with zero fuss.  The soap thickens and stays throughout the entire day keeping  your brows nice and tamed until the sun goes down.  The brow soap is an all-natural, organic formula made specially for eyebrows.  Using the spoolie with the Brow Fixx soap is a pain-free, no-fuss way to obtain a natural, feathered look for your beautiful brows.


The best part about this product, aside from the exceptional look it creates, is that we know and can name each of its natural ingredients.

  • Organic coconut oil: leaves your skin and brows nourished
  • Organic palm oil: provides moisture for softness and antioxidants that protect your skin and brows
  • Organic safflower oil glycerin: moisturizes and removes dirt and oil
  • Organic castor oil: cleanses, removes bacteria, and provides hydration
  • Purified water: cleanses and preserves your skin’s natural oils
  • Sodium hydroxide: balances pH levels
  • Sorbitol: a conditioner which will leave your brows moisturized

Each ingredient is organic and has a purpose for giving you the best brows in town without causing any damage, unlike many other similar products.

Why Should I Use a Spoolie?

If you’re thinking that you can simply fill in your brows and carry on with your day, you definitely aren’t wrong!  However, using a spoolie allows you to comb through, blend, and shape your brows to perfection.  All you need is a few extra minutes because just a few strokes with a spoolie will give your brows the trendy look of a natural brushed-up brow.  You can also use it to smooth out your mascara and brush your lashes.  If you think about it, there isn’t much reason not to toss a spoolie into your makeup bag!

Other Ways to Use a Spoolie

While the main purpose of using a spoolie is to groom your brows to a perfected shape, it can actually serve quite a few purposes!

  • They help with tweezing.  When you use a spoolie to brush your brows up and in the same direction, you can easily spot stray hairs that need plucking.  Remember not to overpluck, though!
  • It’s a great tool for unclumping lashes.  You know when you put that second coat of mascara on and to see a clumpy mess?  It happens to the best of us!  Using your spoolie to brush through your lashes can easily get rid of excess mascara for flawless lashes.
  • Clean up mascara mess.  Not only can your spoolie fix goopy mascara, but it can wipe of that mascara that unwantingly ends up on your lids.  Once it’s dry, use the spoolie to brush it off and you’re good to go!

10 Pros of Using The Brow Fixx Brow Soap & Spoolie Kit

Still not sold on The Brow Fixx Soap & Spoolie Kit?  That’s okay because there’s more to know.  Check out the number of great benefits!

  1. There’s no need to wake up any earlier because this kit allows you to create fluffy and feathered brows in no time. 
  2. It works for anyone’s brows.  The Brow Fixx Soap & Spoolie kit enhances your brows whether they need taming, they’re sparse, or they’re naturally thick. 
  3. It goes on clear and doesn’t leave the sticky residue and white flakes that many other products leave behind.
  4. It sets your brows in place leaving you worry-free throughout the day.
  5. It creates thicker, fuller brows while maintaining a natural look.
  6. It doesn’t create a mess and it’s one of the simplest beauty products to use.
  7. As mentioned, all ingredients are 100% organic so there’s no concern for irritation. 
  8. Its compact size is 1.4 ounces which makes it easy to take your brow soap & spoolie kit anywhere.  Throw it in your purse or suitcase and feel peace knowing you can groom your brows whenever and wherever!
  9. It’s easy to clean!  Reuse this spoolie for a long time by cleaning it when needed with warm water and wiping off excess product.
  10. It’s affordable.  Beauty at a cost is worth it, but beauty at a low cost is where it’s at especially when it’s under 20 bucks.

3 Simple Steps to Using the Soap & Spoolie Kit

We thoroughly adore how easy and quick it is to use this product!  All you have to do is follow the following 3 steps and you’ll have Instagram-worthy brows before you know it.

  1. Cleanse your eyebrows of any oils, makeup, and dirt.  If you want to fill in your brows, go ahead and do this and let it set before you apply The Brow Fixx Soap.  
  2. Your spoolie should be slightly damp, so run water over your brush or spray it with a water mist.  Open your brow soap tin and carefully rub your spoolie over to lather it with the product.
  3. Now, it’s time to get that look!  Use the soaped spoolie to comb your brows upwards while making sure you’re applying the product evenly.  Continue this until you have the feathered brow look of your dreams.  

If your brows become too lathered, simply wipe them with your finger and reapply.  In just a try or two, you’ll be a pro at using the product to create your ideal look!

As you should do when trying any new product, do a test to ensure irritation doesn’t occur.  While all ingredients are organic, be careful not to get the product in your eye as the glycerin soap can cause discomfort.  If it does get into the eye, simply rinse it out.

Check Out a Related Product: The Bamboo Spoolie

Add our organic Bamboo Spoolie to your Brow Soap & Spoolie Kit for some variety.  This Bamboo Spoolie is environmentally friendly and perfect for applying The Brow Fixx Soap.  Keep it clean by rinsing it with warm water and carefully rubbing bristles with your fingers to get rid of leftover product.

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