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Beautiful Eyebrows


We all know the trend that is everywhere: BIG BEAUTIFUL BROWS. Unfortunately, for me, growing up in the 90s ruined my eyebrows and crushed my big brow dreams that I would have in the future. I know a lot of you reading this can feel my pain. I remember sitting in front of the mirror at age 13 and literally tweezing ALL of my eyebrows away, leaving only the smallest line..think 1997 Gwen Stafani. Alas, if I only knew what I know now..I can still hear my moms voice echoing in my ear, “you’re gonna regret that!” No truer words have ever been spoken. I can’t go back in time and save my eyebrows but I can try and salvage the hairs that I have left! Below are things I have personally done and ways I advise my clients when growing out their brows.

Here are some easy ways to try to get your brows looking fuller:

-Put Down The Tweezers-

It sounds so simple but can prove for most people, a very difficult habit to kick. Being a recovering tweezeaholic myself, I can relate! But if you want those hairs to grow, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP TWEEZING! How can it grow if you keep tweezing it away?!

-Regular Brow Maintenance-

Every 3-4 weeks make a appointment with your brow artist and have your eyebrows shaped professionally by a local salon. Try to stick with the same person. This will reduce the chance of different shapes being created. Your brow artist might suggest a tint with the shape (either eyebrow waxing or eyebrow threading), which helps define the brow and fill in any sparse areas.

-The Natural Route-

Use castor oil or biotin to help growth. Castor Oil is high in unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid which is supposed to be very effective in stimulating hair growth. Biotin is a B vitamin often recommended for hair health and improves the bodies keratin infrastructure.

(4) Semi-Permanent Microblading-

Not for everyone but if you’ve tried everything else and your brows just won’t grow (like mine) this could be a good option. Just remember to shop around and research the person who will be doing your service. Microblading lasts 1 to 3 years and helped my brows look fuller, gave them more color and makes life that much easier ?

I hope this helps everyone struggling with their brows!! Even people with the fullest eyebrows have problem areas and I’ve never seen two eyebrows that are perfectly identical. Remember they’re sisters, not twins!!

If you’re looking to get your eyebrow waxing or threading at our local Santa Monica salon, book your appointment 2 weeks in advance. You can also read our latest blog on which eyebrow hair removal method works best for you (Waxing, Threading, or Tweezing). Happy Growing!!

Until next time,

Naomi xo

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