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6 Reasons to Try Ombré Powder Brows

Ombré Powdered Brows

6 Reasons to Try Ombré Powder Brows

If you are looking for a new and improved way to spice up your brows, you just might be in luck!  There are various options but have you heard of Ombré Powder Brows?  Ombré Powder Brows is a semi-permanent shading method that will give you a soft, powdered-like brow.  This technique will provide the ombré look for your eyebrows where the beginning of the brow is lighter and gradually becomes darker towards the end of the brow, the tail.  Sounds interesting, yes?  It is and there are quite a few reasons to try this cool, new technique!

Eyebrows are Important

Have you ever wondered why we have eyebrows?  Have you ever really thought about why eyebrows are important?  This may not be a thing many think about on a daily basis.  But, it should be!  Believe it or not, eyebrows play several roles worth mentioning.  First of all, eyebrows prevent sweat and other stuff from entering your eyes.  So, when you are working out or sweating from the summer heat, you can be grateful for the job your brows are doing.  Secondly, they provide shape for your entire face.  The look of your eyes, nose, and other facial features are affected by the way your brows look.  Additionally, eyebrows are a form of communication.  This one may make you giggle, but seriously!  The ways eyebrows are raised or lowered can represent a mood.  This is something to think about, right?  Eyebrows are such an important feature and simply do not go unnoticed so you likely want them looking their absolute best!

It’s the Latest Trend

You’ve heard of tweezing.  You’ve heard of waxing.  There are lots of ways to achieve the bomb brow look!  And now, I present to you Ombré Powder Brows. Get a say in the exact eyebrows you want with the ombré brow method!  You may have started hearing about ombré hair color a few years ago, where your hair is darker at the roots and gradually gets lighter towards the end (or sometimes vice versa).  Well, now, you can have a similar effect to your eyebrows.  Just like ombré hair, ombré powdered brows can do really great things for your look!  As the world of brows gets bigger, new and improved techniques come alive.  There’s no reason to have crazy looking brows, or even just okay ones, but lots of reasons to have the best looking ones.  Ombré Powder Brows can give you just the natural but great look you’re craving!

Eyebrow Regret

Did you get a little aggressive with your tweezers and over pluck?  Did you do an at-home brow treatment that didn’t go as you had hoped?  Did you get an eyebrow job that you just aren’t loving?  Don’t have the shape you want?  Not to worry, it happens to the best of us.  There’s so many things out there that help us get the look we love, but this can go wrong if it’s not done right.  Keep in mind, professionals usually know best!  Just like a bad haircut, a bad brow job can happen.  A tailored plan for your brows can be the perfect solution.  Ombré Powder Brows can be personalized for you to have the best looking brows on the block, even if you feel they’ve been messed up to no return!

Change Up Your Look

Out with the old, in with the new!  We all want, or probably need, a change sometimes.  We’re always evolving as people, or at least we should be.  Maybe you’re bored, going through a life change, or simply not loving the way you look in photos from last weekend.  Whatever the reason is, it’s totally okay to want to change up your look!  What is better than a fresh update to your appearance?  Not many things, right?  Needing an upgraded look can consist of new clothes, a new hairstyle, a new gym routine – why not a new brow look?   ombré powdered brows can do this for you by changing up the way your brows look (shape, definition, color) and can be made just for you and the look you’re going for!

A Special Occasion

Sometimes we get so busy living the day to day life.  We have a job, family, errands, appointments, and the list could go on forever.  This lifestyle can leave little time for keeping up with our appearance in the way most of us desire to.  But when there’s a special occasion, we often put value on sprucing ourselves up.  Maybe you have a wedding, an important work event, a series of holiday parties, a big birthday year … whatever the big day is, you should and probably want to arrive looking your finest!  What special occasion is there where people aren’t checking you out and photos aren’t taken?  Make sure you look nice!  Many may be surprised at how eyebrows can truly be paramount to the whole look of your face (reread ‘Eyebrows are Important’ above ;)).  Your brows can be a main focal point of your face so if you have an upcoming event that you want to look your absolute best for, Ombré Powder Brows are a great way to achieve this!  Know that you should plan accordingly since your brows will take 2-3 weeks to heal after treatment.

You Deserve It

Yes, you!  You deserve brows that look good!  A lot of times when it comes to treating ourselves, we don’t want to splurge.  Or we think of better, maybe more responsible things, to spend money on.  It’s understandable that good looking brows would be pushed to the bottom of the list.  But, let’s be real.  Looking and feeling good is important.  When you work so hard everyday to reach deadlines, meet goals, be a good friend and/or parent and/or sibling, etc. then you deserve to indulge yourself!  Not to mention, I don’t know about you, but I perform daily tasks much better when I feel good about myself.  You may be surprised at how much more productive you want to be when you give yourself the love you deserve!

There you go!  If you were looking for the whys to treating your brows, you have quite a few reasons to get the soft and natural Ombré effect with the Ombré Powder Brows.

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