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5 Things No One Has Told You About Eyebrow Threading

The Brow Fixx Eyebrow Threading Service

5 Things No One Has Told You About Eyebrow Threading

No one actually likes maintenance, but hey, pain = beauty, right? When we stop and think about the pain we go through to get gorgeous brows, most options seem barbaric. Take waxing, for example. A chemical mixture is heated until melted enough to smear, setting and hardening before ripped off of the skin. Still, most of those who keep brows tame prefer waxing over plucking individual hairs out with tweezers – which is both painful and time-consuming.

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Despite their downfalls, waxing and tweezing remain pretty high on the list of brow maintenance options. But what about threading? Not that threading is without discomfort, but it has appeal for more reasons than one. The fact that there is nothing more needed than cotton thread and an expert brow artist is mind-boggling, especially the first time you see a set of freshly threaded brows. If you are still not on the bandwagon, you might soon be, and we’re here to tell you why.

Why Eyebrow Threading Is Great for Brows?

Brows are one of the most trending features, totally transforming one’s look. The perfect brow can define the eyes and bring the entire face together, even on makeup-free days. While the OG of brow maintenance is waxing, threading has come back to claim its spot on the top, and rightfully so. Threading the brows not only gets rid of the small peach fuzz that waxing often misses but guarantees that all the smallest stubbles are gone. Plus, the right artist can find pesky hairs that just don’t quite fit, tugging them out to create picture-perfect brows – you can’t do that with wax! If you’re new to or on the fence about eyebrow threading, there are likely a few things no one has told you, 5 of which we’ve got lined up below.

It’s Not as Painful as You Think

Threading has a reputation for being painful. However, when comparing it to other brow maintenance methods (we’ve all been there), it’s really no different. Eyebrow threading Santa Monica pros explain that it’s just a matter of getting used to the sensation, which can take a few sessions. Anyone out there that’s extra nervous can book a consultation with a brow artist to discuss the process from start to finish. Artists can demonstrate on an area of the body like the hand or arm to prove that threading is really nothing drastic and definitely not more painful than waxing or tweezing.

Pro Tip: To further reduce the discomfort or pain that can come from tugging on brow hairs, brow artists will ask you to use your hands to gently pull on your upper brow and eyelid. The stretch of the area around the brows keeps the skin taut and prevents tugging, which can reduce the pain. If you’re really worried, take an aspirin or two a few hours before your appointment.

It Offers Ultimate Precision

One thing that gets people hooked on threading is precision. Unlike waxing, the cotton thread can make its way into the brow to pluck out pesky outliers. At the same time, a change in motion and angles will allow artists to clean up peach fuzz and strays all around the brow with just a few tugs. Plus, the precision offered by thread ensures that even the tiniest hairs are completely pulled out from the follicle, which reduces growth over time. Clients are left with insta-worthy brows that are sure to make the minimal discomfort worth it.

Irritation Stays at a Minimum

To thread the brows, artists use cotton thread, intricately wrapping and twisting until they have the perfect grip. Then, with a quick motion that involves opening and closing the fingers,  brow hairs are swept off. Clients will feel some discomfort and may experience irritation if their skin is sensitive, but threading is considered the least irritative of all methods out there.

Pro Tip: When searching for eyebrow threading near me, don’t just choose any brow artist. Take a look at their pre- and post-threading regime, searching for perks that reduce irritation and redness like a brow massage and application of aloe vera.

The Artist Matters 

Just like any other maintenance, threading can vary between artists. Some artists without a lot of experience may not have the motions down, causing more pain than those with years of experience perfecting brows. We suggest that, if searching threading near me, take a look at salon and artist profiles and portfolios. Look for artists with certifications, good reviews, and years in the business before booking your first appointment. Artists that sculpt brows want to share their work, and their satisfied clients are more than happy to show them off, so skim social media and online reviews before booking with the first spot that pops up.

How Much will it Cost?

When it comes to any brow service, there’s a lot of variation in prices. Waxing can be as low as $10 and climb up to $40+ if you go with a specialist- not including the tip. Threading prices are comparable, though most high-end salons won’t price their services over $40. We hit the $40 mark but are sure to make it worth it, with a pre-threading consultation to find the perfect shape and anti-irritation, pore tightening rituals with witch hazel and aloe vera once brows are perfected. We also finish off with a quick fill-in with either pencil, powder, or gel, sending every client out ready to tackle their day.

If You Don’t Know, Now You Know

After your first brow threading, you’re sure to wonder why you’ve waited this long. You could have had the perfect set of brows carved with expert precision with nothing but a string of cotton thread and a pro artist (mind-blowing, right?). But it’s not too late to check out eyebrow threading and tinting near me, finding artists in your area that can expertly shape brows with minimal irritation and banging results.

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