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Check Out Our New Brow Styling Soap and Spoolie Kit

Check Out Our New Brow Styling Soap and Spoolie Kit

Soap brows are the latest trend for achieving flawless feathered brows and we’re here to share how you can become a part of it! If you’ve already been introduced to brow soap, then you know how wonderful it is. We’ve got some tips and tricks to share along with a soap that’s 100% organic.

Even though many people are just learning about brow soap, makeup artists have been using it for years. Even Rihanna sets her gorgeous brows with soap! 

Keep reading to find out exactly what brow styling soap is, why it’s a product worth investing in, how to use it, and what our new soap and spoolie kit is all about!

What is Brow Styling Soap?

Brow styling soap is exactly that! It’s soap used to style and thicken your brows giving them a perfect shape that stays in place all day. Results of using brow soap are similar to the results of an eyebrow lamination where your brows are given a clean, brushed look. The best part is that anyone can use brow soap in the comfort of their own home and it’s a quick way to enhance your look. We’ll get to more of those details in a bit!

It is often wondered if and how brow styling soap is different from any other soap. It is different! In fact, it’s important not to use regular soap on your eyebrows to avoid skin irritation. The biggest difference is that brow soap contains glycerin which balances pH levels.

Top Reasons to Use Brow Soap

There are a ton of reasons to use brow soap. Here are some of the top ones!

  • It can work wonders on any brow no matter how rowdy, thick, or thin they are.
  • It sets your brows in place leaving them groomed from morning till night.
  • It comes in an adorable and easy-to-travel-with compact tin.
  • There’s no mess or clean-up involved.
  • Using brow soap to perfectly shape your brows allows you to easily spot stray hairs to tweeze. No more overplucking!
  • You can achieve a full, feathered brow while still maintaining your natural beauty.
  • It’s so affordable! A fabulous product for less than 20 dollars? Sign me up!
  • The brow soap at The Brow Fixx is made with all-natural ingredients that are good for your skin and brows.

To learn more, check out the full scoop on reasons to join the brow soap trend!

For those wondering if there are any downfalls in using brow soap, there really aren’t. Soap is meant to be used on our skin, especially ones with natural ingredients. If you have sensitive skin, you may need to give your brows a break now and then. However, if you’re using a product that has ingredients our skin and hair loves, then you should be golden!

How to Achieve the Best Soap Brows

One of our favorite things about brow styling soap is that it’s so easy to use. Anyone can do it! After a try or two, you’ll be an expert at achieving pro-like soap brows in under 5 minutes.

First, cleanse your brows of any oils and makeup. Fill in your brows if desired. Then, run a little water over your spoolie or spray it with a mist because it needs to be damp for the soap. Next, lather the spoolie in soap and comb your brows in an upward direction and continue until you have a precise, feathered look. Dampen spoolie and use more soap as needed.  Finally, wipe off any excess product and adjust stray hairs as desired and tada you have flawless brows!

Special tip: You may want to play around with it a couple of times to get your desired look. If you want to give it another go, simply wipe your brows and reapply.

The Brow Fixx’s Soap Brows & Premium Spoolie Kit

The Brow Fixx has a new Soap Brows & Premium Spoolie Kit that can help you achieve beautiful brows with no hassle. Our clients have loved using this cute kit. It doesn’t contain a bunch of unknown ingredients and it’s 100% cruelty-free. The following ingredients each serve a purpose in conditioning, moisturizing, and/or cleansing your brows leaving them healthy and gorgeous.

  • Organic coconut oil
  • Organic palm oil
  • Organic safflower oil glycerin
  • Organic castor oil
  • Purified water
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Sorbitol

The spoolie brush gives your brows the desired feathered look and you can even use the spoolie for other beauty purposes. The spoolie is a great tool to use for brushing out clumpy mascara and wiping excess mascara off your eyelids. Cleaning and reusing the spoolie is extremely simple. All you have to do when the product builds up is rinse and wipe clean. Once you’re ready for a new brush, you can buy those by themselves.

Comparing the Brow Styling Soap & Spoolie Kit to Other Brow Products

For those who are familiar with other brow grooming products such as wax or gel, you may be wondering if it’s worth the switch. It is!

The biggest difference in brow soap compared to other products is that it really provides an extra hold to set and tame your brows. Think of it as an ‘extra hold hairspray’ except it leaves no residue and the right soap is actually good for your brows and skin. With brow soap, you don’t have to worry about reapplying on your lunch break or before happy hour with the girls. 

If you’re someone who likes to use a pencil to define your brows, you can still do this in addition to using brow styling soap. All you have to do is fill in your eyebrows with the pencil before applying to brow soap with your spoolie brush.

Soap Brows in Review

It’s easy to say that soap brows are one of the best ways to achieve an amazing look! It’s affordable, simple, fast, and convenient. There are not many things in life that we can say all that about. Soap brows is definitely a look to try out and there’s a good chance that once you start, there’s no going back!

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