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The Best Brow Stencils for Perfectly Shaped Brows

brow stencils kit

The Best Brow Stencils for Perfectly Shaped Brows

Once you use this beauty product, you’ll never go back! Brow stencils are the trick for anyone to achieve perfectly shaped brows in no time. In fact, here at The Brow Fixx, we love to use these to give our clients meet their brow goals. And, you can purchase your own to use at home. Continue reading to learn all about the best brow stencils, who should use them, and how to use them.

Are you new here and wondering what are brow stencils? These small brow templates are placed onto your brow line to show you exactly where your eyebrow product belongs. This outline allows you to achieve the shape and arch of the stencil. Gone are the days of freehanding your eyebrows!

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about our favorite stencils!

The Best Brow Stencil

We love this 6 pack of brow stencils and so do our customers and here’s why:

  • They’re affordable.
  • They don’t require any long-term brow commitments.
  • They’re easy to clean and reuse many times.
  • Six different shapes allow you to achieve your dream brow.
  • It makes it easy to achieve symmetrical brows.
  • Flexible plastic makes it easy to form to your brow for straightforward application.

Professional microblade brow artists even use these brow stencils in their salons because they allow them to give their clients precise, symmetrical brows.

Do eyebrow stencils really work?

Yes, especially if you purchase high-quality brow stencils. They’re a simple and quick way to achieve flawless brows without having to guess, freehand, and repeat until you get it right.

How do I use a brow stencil?

This might be our favorite part! Using brow stencils is almost effortless that just about anyone can do it. Here’s how to use your brow stencil like a pro.

Step 1

Choose the shape that you like and that works best for your brows and other facial features (keep reading for more on this).

Step 2

Hold the stencil in place and flat on your brow (it will hug your brow). Using your other hand, apply the product of your choice starting at the tail of your brow and moving towards the base.

Step 3

Wipe the stencil off before flipping it over to repeat on your other brow. Make sure to keep them clean so that they last for a long time.

Tip: If you mess up, no worries! Wipe off your product and try again. It may take a few tries to get it right.

How do I choose the best brow shape?

Your stencils are all about perfecting your brow shape, so how do you decide what’s best for you? Consider the shape of your face and go opposite to bring out your facial features. So, if you have a square face, you want to have a rounded arch.

  • Round face: high, angled arch to elongate your face
  • Oval or rectangle face: subtle arch and long brow to add width
  • Square face: thick brow with defined arch to provide balance 
  • Diamond face: round arches to balance the face length

Keep in mind that your preference matters, too! You can play around with the stencils to see which one works best for you. A brow professional can also consult with you to help you decide the best look.

Who can use a brow stencil?

Anyone can use eyebrow stencils! You can use brow stencils whether you’re a brow professional working in a salon, an esthetician, or you’re just someone who wants to enhance your brows at home.

Anyone who’s looking to shape their brows, save money, or spend less time on their makeup routine will love using these brow stencils. If you’re interested in using a brow stamp, you can use these with our brow stamp and stencil kit.

What’s an eyebrow stencil kit?

The eyebrow stencil kit actually comes with our 6 stencils. It also comes with a brow stamp color to add color and bring out your brows. Choose from the following colors: black, brunette, light brown, dark brown, and taupe gray. This product is one you never knew you needed! It can be used right at home to instantly color and shape your brows.

Do I have to use the kit with my brow stencils?

Absolutely not! As we mentioned, brow artists may use the stencils with other products they have in their salon. At home, if you prefer to use another product like a pencil or a gel, you can use it with your brow stencils. 

The goal of the brow stencils is to simply get a flawless shape with whatever product you’re using to fill in your brows. You can also use your template as a guide for tweezing.

How do I use brow stencils to tweeze my brows?

If you’re not looking to fill in your brows, but you simply want to pluck hairs away to shape them, you can also do that. You may do this if you want to maintain a natural look or you’re already blessed with thick brows. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Hold the brow stencil onto your brow in place with one hand.
  2. Using your other hand, outline your brow using some kind of brow pencil. Or, color in your stencil with a white brow pencil. This allows you to easily spot the brow hairs and shape you want to keep.
  3. Tweeze around the outline or pluck away the hairs you didn’t color in.

Note: It can be really easy to mess up your brows when you tweeze them at home. This is why we recommend having a professional brow artist do the job.

Final Thoughts

Brow stencils are the way to go for impeccable brows that give you the shape and arch to perfectly match your facial features! They can be used at home to fill in your brows or in a salon for microblading and other services. 
To achieve Instagram-worthy brows in no time, check out our pack of 6 brow stencils kit and guide for use.

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